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My Personal Presentation

My name is Laura Carolina Mayorquin Aroca

I was born the 11 of January,1998 in Ibagué Tolima

My parents are Ricardo Mayorquin Hernandez

this my family

and Gloria Alicia Aroca Rojas

I have three brothers trhee women a my place is the two

Live in one house blok thirteen Balkanes neighborhood

Which I like to eat is rice, lentils and roast

My favorite sport is swimming

My best friend's name is Carlos Prada

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going Down

Going to study medicine and specialize in neurosurgery

and oncology will study Javeriana university

I have afraid of snakes

I have a parrot named child and has two years of age parrot months old

My last vacation was in Medellin

this is my profile in Facebook

I want to live in moscow

my boyfriend is Wilmer Florez

this is my room

this is my photo ñera with a cap

these are my companions

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